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Our Origin Story

Our CEO saw the need while substituting at a local middle school. An 8th grader asked for a calculator to which she responded "No" believing he was trying to trick her into breaking normal rules. To her surprise, these 8th grade students were truly needing a calculator for simple math. Teaming up with her husband and best friend, they went and succeeded where everyone told them they'd fail: in the hood. 
Tapping into an untouched demographic where the demand exceeded the supply. This is still a problem today and with the way culture has changed dramatically, so have we.
Our new youthful presence paired with our honest and transparent foundation, we are confident in our success.


YDG Declarations

Purpose Statement

Our Reason Why

To respond to the academic and social needs of youth by offering specialized support and resources.

Mission Statement

Our Current Commitment

Helping to guide the youth and their families in the development of their character, and
academic/ social potential through academically rigorous, content rich, educational,
social skills developing and recreational activities.

Vision Statement

Our Future Impact

Youth Development Group will be sought after for it's high success rate in programs and individual goal completion.

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